Alix: the lady behind Loyal Bird

Alix is a thrift-store surfer, cat and dog lover, bird lady, desert gardener, retired kindergarten teacher and mother of three. After thirty years teaching, she now has enough time to pursue her longtime passion for sewing and seamstressing with new and  second-hand materials.

An old pair of jeans is a treasure. So is a wool pant suit, or a beautiful cashmere sweater with a hole. Most people put a wool sweater in the washer by mistake; Alix does it by habit: it felts the fibers and gives the wool a second life as a purse, pouch, or pillow. It's best not to come over dressed in your favorite wool sweater. (Watch out if she compliments your attire.)

When she isn't sewing, you can find her outside watering her garden while trying not to step on wildflower seedlings, and perhaps counting a whole season's sweet potato harvest on one hand. (Better luck next year.) If she's not outside, she's probably inside with her young Beagle, "Chip," who occasionally comes to the market to help her during her sales.